Ill-Fated Wind by Shane Bowley and Janice Russotti - A video from the day of the bill signing, featuring Shane and Janice’s popular campaign song accompanied by pictures from the celebration. Recorded by Andrea Stander and edited by Bob Farnham.

“As Consumers, We are Guinea Pigs”: Vermont Set to Become First State to Require GMO Food Labeling - Democracy Now’s coverage of the passage of H.112, with an interview with David Zuckerman.

Vermont Becomes First State to Pass GMO Labeling Law - Jeffrey Smith-Executive Director, Institute for Responsible Technology interviews David Zuckerman-Vermont State Senator and Carolyn Partridge-Vermont State Representative about Vermont becoming the first state to pass laws regarding the labeling of GMOs.

Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee Passes VTRTK Bill with Unanimous Vote – coverage of the April 3rd Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings, including debate about, and vote on, the GMO Labeling bill.

Policy Update: GMO Legislation in Vermont - Join NOFA-VT’s Policy Advisor Dave Rogers as he discusses the past, present and future of the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients with VT Right to Know Coalition members Andrea Stander of Rural Vermont and Will Allen of Cedar Circle Farm. Recorded February 15, 2014.

GMO OMG Trailer - Trailer for the documentary GMO OMG, directed by Jeremy Seifert, shown around Vermont as part of the Vermont Right to Know GMOs campaign.

VT Senate Committee Weighing GMO Labeling Bill 
- A news segment from NECN covering the recent gathering of Vermont producers and manufacturers at the state house, calling for passage of H.112.


Michael Hansen Testimony - Michael Hansen, Scientist for the Consumers Union, publishers of Consumer Reports, testifies on the dangers of unlabeled GMOs in our food system, as well as the controversies involved in the science of Genetic Engineering.


“Trust Us” - a Television ad from the Yes on Prop 37 Campaign in California depicting a comical understanding of the Biotech industry’s position on GMOs.


“Right to Know GMOs – Message from NOFAVT” - This video is a short PSA featuring Dave Rogers, our resident ‘science guy’ and a great advocate for the coalition. In it, he talks about the science and politics of GMO labeling.


“Vermont Right to Know: GMOs Labeling Lobby Day – January 16, 2014″ - This is another short PSA from Dave Rogers, made in preparation for the recent Labeling Lobby Day on January 16th.


GMOs and Your Health: A one-hour 2011 webinar presented by Dr. Chuck Benbrook, Chief Scientist, The Organic Center.


The Natural Effect:  ”The False Advertising Industry” reveals the shocking truth about what is allowed in “Natural” food. Only the USDA Organic Seal guarantees your food contains no Genetically Modified Organisms, no toxic pesticides, and no growth hormones or antibiotics.


GMOs Explained: Dr. Thierry Vrain “The Gene Revolution” Dr. Thierry Vrain -former gmo scientist from Canada – July 2013


Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) – Myths and Truths: The information is based on the new report “GMO Myths and Truths” by