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5/22/2014 Require labels on GMO food items
5/14/2014 The Atlantic Want to Know if Your Food is Genetically Modified?
5/12/2014 VT Digger Trade group vows to sue over Vermont’s GMO labeling law
5/9/2014 Mother Nature Network Why labeling GMOs in food might be a win-win
5/9/2014 Mother Nature Network Why labeling GMOs in food might be a win-win
5/8/2014 VT Digger Story + Video: Shumlin signs landmark GMO labeling law
5/8/2014 CNN Vermont governor signs GMO food labeling into law
5/8/2014 WCAX VT Governor signs GMO labeling bill
5/7/2014 NPR Vermont’s GMO Bill Expected To Face Major Legal Challenges
5/7/2014 VT Digger Glenn Gilchrist: Vermont identified as hotbed of science denial
5/6/2014 North Country Public Radio What you need to know about Vermont’s GMO bill
5/5/2014 MetroWest Daily News Editorial: Vermont takes lead on food labels
5/5/2014 Portland Press Herald Monsanto and Maine: A look at Maine’s sometimes fractious relationship with the GMO giant
5/1/2014 Food Product Design GMO Labeling: Can Vermont Survive First Amendment Challenge?
4/30/2014 Huffington Post Vermont Passes a GMO-Label Law. How Did They Do It?
4/29/2014 Rodale What the Historic Vermont GMO Labeling Law Means for the Rest of Us
4/29/2014 Bennington Banner Leading the charge for GMO labeling
4/29/2014 Washington Post How Vermont plans to defend the nation’s first GMO law
4/29/2014 Democracy Now! “As Consumers, We are Guinea Pigs”: Vermont Set to Become First State to Require GMO Food Labeling
4/29/2014 Minnesota among states considering GMO labeling
4/28/2014 International Business Times After Vermont Bill, GMO Labeling Becomes Center Of Debate On Bioengineering’s Future
4/27/2014 USA Today GMOs take long path to approval in Vermont
4/27/2014 Burlington Free Press How GMO labeling came to pass in Vermont
4/27/2014 The Motley Fool Will Monsanto Company Ready a Lawsuit As Vermont Signs GMO Labeling Bill Into Law?
4/26/2014 Bangor Daily News Vermont Governor Says He’ll Sign GMO Labeling Bill
4/25/2014 The Times-Picayune Vermont passed a bill requiring GMO labeling; should Louisiana?
4/25/2014 Christian Science Monitor Vermont to order labeling of genetically modified food
4/25/2014 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal GMO opponents push labeling legislation at Capitol. They brought cookies.
4/24/2014 Epoch Times Vermont Raises the Stakes on GMO Labeling
4/24/2014 Food Safety News Vermont Legislature Approves GMO Labeling Bill
4/24/2014 Huffington Post Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and ‘Natural’ Food Fight
4/24/2014 AP Vermont ups the ante on genetically modified foods
4/24/2014 St Louis Today Vermont leading US in GMO labeling
4/24/2014 Huffington Post Vermont Lawmakers Pass GMO Labeling Bill; Governor Expected To Sign
4/24/2014 Brattleboro Reformer Vermont will be first state in nation to require GMO labeling
4/24/2014 United Press International Vermont first state to pass GMO labeling
4/24/2014 USA Today Vt. gov says he’ll sign genetically modified food label bill
4/24/2014 Mother Jones Vermont to require GMO labeling
4/23/2014 VT Digger Vermont will be first state in nation to require GMO labeling
4/23/2014 Burlington Free Press GMO bill one step from law
4/23/2014 WCAX Vermont House passes GMO labeling bill
4/23/2014 WPTZ House passes GMO labeling bill
4/23/2014 My Champlain Valley GMO labeling bill passes VT legislature
4/23/2014 National Cooperative Grocers Association NCGA Applauds Vermont as First State in U.S. to Achieve Mandatory Labeling of GMOs
4/23/2014 New York Times Vermont Will Require Labeling of Genetically Altered Foods
4/23/2014 Wall Street Journal Vermont to Enact GMO Food-Labeling Law
4/23/2014 Reuters Vermont lawmakers send GMO food-labeling law to governor
4/23/2014 International Business Times Vermont Legislature Passes Nation’s First Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill
4/23/2014 Grist Vermont will label genetically engineered food
4/23/2014 VPR GMO labeling bill to become law
4/23/2014 Burlington Free Press GMO labeling bill heads to House floor
4/23/2014 Times Argus GMO labeling bill inclues defense fund
4/22/2014 VT Digger House set to concur with Senate on GMO labeling bill — without a conference committee
4/19/2014 Brattleboro Reformer GMO vote wins praise in Windham County
4/17/2014 MintPress News Nation’s Boldest GMO Label Law Nears Passage In Vermont
4/17/2014 Food Safety News Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling Bill, Sends It Back to House for Final Vote
4/17/2014 Washington Examiner Competing bills in Congress and Vermont revive GMO debate
4/17/2014 Grist Vermont poised to mandate GMO labels on food
4/17/2014 Supermarket News GMA: Vermont GMO bill a step in wrong direction
4/16/2014 Reuters Vermont steps closer to passing GMO food-labeling law
4/16/2014 Reuters Vermont Senate passes mandatory GMO food-labeling law
4/16/2014 Salon Vermont is set to make history as the first state to require GMO labeling
4/16/2014 Times Argus Senate puts Vt. on verge of nation’s first GMO label law
4/15/2014 VPR Vermont On Course To Be First To Require GMO Labels
4/15/2014 Politico Vermont puts lessons from past in GMO bill
4/15/2014 Burlington Free Press Vermont Senate votes 26-2 for GMO labeling
4/13/2014 New Straits Times Battle over GMO labeling rumbling in US
4/10/2014 VPR Update With Attorney General Bill Sorrell
4/10/2014 Politico Vermont weighs need for legal defense fund
4/10/2014 VT Digger GMO labeling bill heads for full Senate vote
4/4/2014 VP GMO Labeling Bill Moves To Full Senate
4/4/2014 Nutritional Outlook Magazine Vermont Inches Closer to GMO Labeling; Will Not Wait for Other States
4/3/2014 VT Digger GMO labeling would begin in July 2016, according to Senate version
3/28/2014 VT lawmakers wrestle with GMO bill
3/26/2014 VT Digger Senate Judiciary to take more time with GMO labeling law
3/26/2014 VT Digger (Op Ed) Kelly Cummings: Read between the lines
3/25/2014 VPR Newcast: Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 (Results of Doyle poll)
3/25/2014 VPR Town Meeting Survey Shows Support For Cell Phone Ban, GMO Labels
3/20/2014 (Northeast Public Radio) Vermont Judiciary Committee Hears Legal Ramifications of GMO Labeling Bill
3/19/2014 Kansas City Star (Originally AP) Lawmakers ask: Would Vt. Be sued over GMO labels?
3/19/2014 The Washington Times (AP) Vermont lawmakers consider labels on modified food
3/19/2014 VT Digger Senators preview legal challenges to GMO labeling law
3/13/2014 Pew Charitable Trusts Many States Weigh GMO Labels
3/13/2014 Charlotte Observer Vermont lawmaker and farmer pushes for GMO labels
3/12/2014 Burlington Free Press Senate panel grapples with threat of GMO lawsuit
2/26/2014 VT Digger VT. Businesses Call for Passage of VT. GMO Labeling Legislation
2/19/2014 MindBodyGreen Everything You Need to Know About GMOs
2/18/2014 VPR VPR Newscast (Vermont Senate continues deliberation of GMO labeling bill)
2/18/2014 Vermont Cynic (UVM Newspaper) Legislation demands labels on food goods
2/17/2014 VPR GMO Labeling In The Senate
2/17/2014 BCTV Channel 10 Schedule 5:30 pm       2014 VT State House – H.112 Labeling of GMO Food
2/12/2014 Barre Montpelier Times Argus Letter: Standing up to biotech giants
2/12/2014 The Valley News Letter: The Case for GMO Food Labeling (NO ACCESS)
2/12/2014 The Center for Consumer Freedom Vermont Advocates Unscientific Label Policy
2/11/2014 HuffPost Food for Thought Warning: Industry Spin May Be Hazardous to Your Health; Learn the Truth About GE Foods
2/10/2014 Vermont Progressive Party Senate Ag committee votes 4-1 to support GMO labeling
2/9/2014 Barre Montpelier Times Argus GMO, Shorelines, Single-Payer Dominate State House
2/7/2014 VT Lawmakers, Public Weigh in on GMO Bill
2/7/2014 Associated Press Vermont Senate Panel Votes 4-1 to Advance GMO Labeling
2/7/2014 VT Digger Supporters of GMO Labeling Fill House Chamber
2/7/2014 WPTZ GMO Labeling Supporters Dominate Public Hearing
2/7/2014 New Market Press Senate Committee Approves GMO Labeling Bill
2/6/2014 Associated Press Food Industry Seeks Voluntary GMO Labeling
2/6/2014 Burlington Free Press Should GMOs Be Labeled? Vermont Debate in Homestretch
2/6/2014 Associated Press VT GMO Bill Gets Showing of Public Support
2/5/2014 Common Dreams The Trigger Trap: Will Vermont Lawmakers Let Industry Strangle Another GMO Labeling Law?
2/4/2014 VPR Luskin: GMO Labeling (Commentary Series)
2/4/2014 NPR How American Food Companies Go GMO-Free in a GMO World
2/3/2014 Burlington Free Press GMO Hearing Thursday
1/28/2014 VT Digger Public Hearing on H.112: Labeling Food Produced with Genetic Engineering
1/23/2014 Organic Consumers Association Legal Experts Reject Food Industry Claims that GMO Labeling Laws Are Unconstitutional
1/23/2014 CCTV Under the Dome: 2014 VT State House – H.112 Labeling of GMO Food
1/17/2014 VT Digger GMO Labeling Bill Gets Once Over in the Vermont Senate
1/15/2014 VPR Maine GMO Bill Signed Into Law
2/27/2013 Seven Days Who’s Trying to Kill the GMO Bill?