• “H.112 Bill Summary” – This is a summary of the bill as it stands now (4/21/14), outlining the findings, how foods would be labeled, exemptions to the bill, retail liabilities, penalties for non-compliance, the date the bill would go into effect, and the amendment from the Appropriations Committee regarding the special implementation fund.


  • “GMO Bill Top Level Points” - For H.112 to be upheld under the First Amendment the state would need to be able to show that the regulation is reasonably related to a legitimate government interest. This factsheet lists the legitimate government interests adopted in the bill.


  • “Legal One-Pager on GE Labeling” – This is a factsheet that provides a basic summary of legal issues and explains why Vermont’s bill should survive any constitutional challenges.


  • “Summary of Supporting Materials” – This document summarizes the reasons that GE labeling is important.  It discusses different categories and provides citations to some key studies.



  • “Take Action for GMO Labeling in Vermont” - This is a factsheet designed to help Vermonters take the next step in taking action to get GMOs labeled in our state. While it’s addressed to Vermonters, anyone might find it useful!