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GMO activists plan path to success

The Right to Know Coalition leaders and activists are charting our next steps to victory. After what we saw industry opponents spend to get their way in Washington, mobilizing our grassroots strength here in Vermont is key to our success. Join us in Montpelier for a massive GMO labeling lobby day on Thursday, January 16, 2014. Continue reading

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GMO Labeling Bill Passes House!

Today the House of Representatives passed H.112 , this year’s GMO labeling law, by a vote of 99-42! This is the furthest any such legislation has made it through the legislative process in the US. It was clear that hearing from Vermonters like you that gave them the courage to lead the nation on this important issue. Continue reading

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GMO Labeling Bill Passed by House Judiciary!

Today the House Judiciary Committee voted 7-4 to pass H.112, the Vermont GMO labeling bill. The bill will now go to the full House of Representatives where a full vote is expected later this week. If the bill passes out of committee it will be the furthest a comprehensive GMO labeling bill has advanced in any state legislature. With the legislature slated to end their session later this week the bill will be in a great position to be taken up in the Senate when lawmakers return to their work in January. Please take a moment to contact your Representative(s) and urge them to pass H.112 this session! Continue reading

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